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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Welcome to the Windy City. We're watching you

From the NY Times:
Sophisticated new computer programs will immediately alert the police whenever anyone viewed by any of the cameras placed at buildings and other structures considered terrorist targets wanders aimlessly in circles, lingers outside a public building, pulls a car onto the shoulder of a highway, or leaves a package and walks away from it. Images of those people will be highlighted in color at the city's central monitoring station, allowing dispatchers to send police officers to the scene immediately.
Cell phone users wander aimlessly in circles all the time, smokers linger outside public buildings, as do people waiting for buses, taxis, or rides from friends.
This project is a central part of Chicago's response to the threat of terrorism, as well as an effort to reduce the city's crime rate. It also subjects people here to extraordinary levels of surveillance. Anyone walking in public is liable to be almost constantly watched.

"The value we gain in public safety far outweighs any perception by the community that this is Big Brother who's watching," Mr. Huberman said. "The feedback we're getting is that people welcome this. It makes them feel safer."
I guess, if you trust the people on the other end of the camera. I don't. Once they read this blog and determine that I'm a subversive, there will be no getting away. And that's what it's for.