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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I saw Unconstitutional, Robert Greenwald's latest documentary about the continuing crime that is the Bush administration, at a special showing sponsored by the ACLU last night. Quality 16 Theater owner Bob Goodrich donated the theater space for the evening. Greenwald himself was there for the screening, and answered questions afterward. I can't say I learned much new from the film, but it probably wouldn't hurt to share it with friends and relatives currently living in blissful ignorance. You can get a copy from the ACLU here, or, if you're local, you can borrow mine!

Speaking of unconstitutional, the Transportation Security Administration wants to get its hands on all airline passenger records for June:
The data will vary by airline. It will include each passenger's name, address and telephone number and the flight number. It may also include such information as the names of traveling companions, meal preference, whether the reservation was changed at any point, the method of ticket payment and any comment by airline employees, like whether a passenger was drunk or belligerent in encounters with airline personnel.
The scene from "Unconstitutional" that got the biggest applause from the ACLU crowd last night was the one showing the librarian shredding patron records. Apparently, none of the airlines respect their customers that much. Northwest, which dominates flights from Detroit, turned over their records to TSA voluntarily.