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Saturday, September 11, 2004

They could slime anybody

Kerry's just a real easy target.

From Michelle via LaBelle via Atrios via "reader j" via Mad Magazine.

Coming next--pick your favorite:
  • Last Supper Diners for Truth
  • Log Cabin Apostles
  • Zell Iscariot
  • "I was coming back to life anyway. Jesus was just an opportunist who saw a chance to get some free publicity." -- Lazarus, who says he's voting for Bush.
  • "Those wounds were superficial, and crucifixion really wasn't a big deal; besides, he brought it on himself, and he was only up there for three days." -- Bob Dole
  • "I supported the crucifixion before I opposed it." -- Apostle John Kerry
  • "Those gospels are forgeries." -- Karl Rove