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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

There's money in disaster

I feel sorry for the people who lost their homes to hurricane Ivan, but when I read paragraphs like these, it seems as though a lot of disaster relief money is like going to someone who failed in a suicide attempt and buying him a package of new, sharp razor blades.
Chuck Norwood, the other real estate agent on the tour [of Gulf Shores, Alabama, where Ivan came ashore], pointed to the first sites he sold, battered adjoining wood houses on stilts on the shore.

"I was in seventh heaven in 1992 selling those lots for $235,000 and $238,500,'' Mr. Norwood said. "But that was just the beginning. I think that Ivan will make a lot of people who hesitated eager to sell or rebuild something new."

The post-Ivan construction will likely take the island into a new and sturdier level of construction, said Gregg Kennedy, the City Council member who was driving the truck. Mr. Kennedy is a general contractor.

"Just about every other bulkhead on the beach fell during Hurricane Danny, apart from mine," Mr. Kennedy said. "People will build stronger and bigger because they now know this is the right place."
Frederick, Danny, and Ivan certainly thought so.

The right place.