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Thursday, September 09, 2004


From Chuck Asay.

As I've mentioned before, Chuck Asay is one of the most obnoxious reactionary cartoonists regularly featured on Slate's editorial cartoon page, where I find most of the cartoons you see on this blog. Of course his point with this cartoon is that criticism of Bush's "war on terrorism" is unfounded if the critic can't come up with a better plan. But the woman's statements go unchallenged, including the one about the WOT actually increasing terrorism. So, the obvious answer to the man's challenge is "Nothing, for starters." Doctors swear to "first do no harm," and that should have been principle one in the "war on terror." We'd all be a lot better off, especially those 1000+ dead soldiers, if Bush had just kept reading "My Pet Goat" and then gone on to read every book in the school library, moving on to the Library of Congress when he finished. Not only would the world be a safer and better place if Bush had NOT reacted to 9/11, he might actually have learned something.

Of course, there were probably even better courses of action that he could have pursued than doing nothing. But doing nothing would have been an excellent option, especially compared to what he has actually done. That it might have cost him a chance at re-election is certainly a risk I was willing to take.