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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Precision War Crimes

From the WSWS:
The US attacks continued yesterday. For the sixth day running, US warplanes bombarded the city of Fallujah, long a symbol of Iraqi resistance. At the end of the day, a US military spokesman repeated the same mantra—“precision strikes” had been launched against “terrorist safe houses”. These bare-faced lies were denounced by officials at the Fallujah General Hospital who explained that one of their ambulances had been hit, killing the driver, a paramedic and five patients.

Hospital director Rafayi Hayad al-Esawi told the British-based Independent newspaper: “The conditions here are miserable—an ambulance was bombed, three houses destroyed and men and women killed. The American army has no morals.”

What is taking place in Iraq on a daily basis constitutes a terrible war crime. One has to go back to the Vietnam War or to the atrocities carried out by Nazi armies in Europe to find a parallel for such a systematic slaughter of civilians. The Bush administration is resorting the same methods as colonial oppressors down through the ages: punitive raids and massacres aimed at instilling fear and terror in a population that is overwhelmingly hostile to the US occupation and its Iraqi puppet regime.
Whatever It Is, I'm Against It comments:
A word about the latest US bombing of Fallujah: you don’t get to call it “precision bombing” unless you’re admitting that you intended to blow up that ambulance.

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