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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Not a lot you can say good about suicide bombers

But they do save on court costs. Or at least they should, and would if the "Justice" Department weren't run by a fundamentalist lunatic.
DETROIT, Sept. 1 - The Justice Department on Wednesday assailed its own legal strategy in the case that had brought its first courtroom victory in the war on terror.

In a 60-page filing released Wednesday, prosecutors asked a federal judge to end the terror case against what they once called a "sleeper operational combat cell" based here.
Basically Ashcroft's Kidneystone Cops got a conviction of three Arab guys through the gross mishandling of evidence. When this was pointed out, they then blamed it on the one "bad apple" prosecutor, Richard G. Convertino.

Couple this with the recent case in Germany where our government withheld evidence in a case against someone supposedly involved in 9/11. When the Germans said they'd have to drop the case without the evidence, we finally gave it to them. Turns out that it supported the innocence of the defendant, leading to his release. The case of Zacarias Moussaoui here in the U.S. is similar. And then there's Yassir Hamdi, the U.S. citizen captured in Afghanistan and held without any rights for over two years. When the Supreme Court finally insisted that he did have rights, we found out that the administration didn't have any case against Hamdi, and apparently he'll be released soon.

There is a technical term for what our government has been doing in these cases: "kidnapping."