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Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's eyebrow deep, and the Debate hasn't even started

I saw Bush's southeast campaign manager Ralph Reed on the Daily Show telling Jon Stewart what a great debater John Kerry is, how he won debate trophies in high school and at Yale, and how he honed his skills in his 20 years in the Senate. To which I have to ask Reed: Who is this John Kerry, and how is he related to the John Kerry I saw lose every Democratic debate last year?

Not to be out bs'ed, Kerry chimes in with this gibberish:
Asked if he thought Bush were smart, Kerry said: "Absolutely. He's a very clever debater. ... He's president. Anybody who doubts that somebody who isn't smart as president doesn't know what it's all about."
If I understand what this great debater is saying here, no easy task that, I have to take offense on behalf of the billions of people worldwide who believe that Bush is a moron. I'm incensed! Outraged, even! I think I'll challenge Zell Miller to a duel.