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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I agree with the Veep from the Deep on something

"Time and again Senator Kerry has made the wrong call on national security." -- Useless Dick "Dick" Cheney, tonight at the Repug convention.

Very true. He voted for the Patriot Act. He voted for the war of aggression in Iraq, and says he still would. And he voted for the $87 billion, although he made up for that one by voting against it. (As I recall, Kerry's main objections, like most in Congress who expressed reservations, were with the $20 billion or so earmarked for rebuilding Iraq, not the $67 billion to keep our troops there killing and being killed.) Of course, none of that makes any point about why the Repugs think they're better than Kerry.

Then again, it is just mind-boggling that these Repugs can get up there and pretend that they've done anything right. These are things they should be struggling to find excuses for in an impeachment trial or a war-crimes trial, not friggin' successes. I generally recoil from the Repugs righteous babbling about good and evil, but when I see Dick Cheney, that's about as close to pure evil as I think I'll ever see.