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Friday, September 24, 2004

Homeland Insanity

From the Ann Arbor News:
An 83-year-old Ann Arbor woman carrying a sign was cited by federal authorities Tuesday for sitting on a concrete barrier outside the downtown federal building on Liberty Street during a noontime war protest.

Carolyn Diem was issued a ticket for "not conforming with signs and directions" after she refused orders from federal security agents to stand on the sidewalk with other citizens protesting the war in Iraq. Diem said she often attends the weekly protests on the southwest corner of the Liberty Street and South Fifth Avenue intersection and usually stands on the sidewalk.

However, on Tuesday, she said, she was weary from the heat. Moments after sitting down, two uniformed security agents and two private security guards approached her and told her to move from federal property or face a citation and possible arrest, Diem and witnesses said.

Security officials at the federal building declined comment and referred questions to a spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, who did not return calls from The News Wednesday.
I've known Carolyn for a couple of years from various protests and meetings. If Tom Ridge thinks Carolyn is a security threat, I guess I can understand the Cat Stevens thing. Carolyn works hard for peace and justice. She's also an American citizen; so federal property is her property.

The sign she was holding said "War cripples and kills. Choose Life."