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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hitting close to home

I just found out that a colleague of mine, three offices down, was laid off. I've been running out of charge numbers lately, and you can probably tell by my blogging volume how busy I usually am. I'm pretty well prepared if I lose my job, but my friend has a three-year-old daughter and may not have it easy. I'm pretty sure that automotive research money will mostly dry up in the relatively near future (maybe at the end of our current project), and that's not even a bad thing. But the way our economy is set up, good people like my friend will be really hurt as the crunch comes. Moving in the right direction, towards a more sustainable, humane economy, will definitely involve some painful adjustments. The "genius" of our current system under its current atrocious management is that it is causing lots of pain while moving us in the wrong direction.