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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Freedom and Democracy

Two concepts being smart-bombed to death by the Bush administration. In a true democracy with freedom, the people should know everything that the government is doing, while the government should know almost nothing about what the people are doing, at least in private. The Bush administration is determined to make sure neither of those things ever happen. While the Patriot Act gave them the authority to break into your house and investigate your reading habits, both without your knowledge or permission, just try to find out what your "public servants" are up to.

Although they're trying to hide it, it seems pretty clear that subverting democracy in Venezuela has been one of their many clandestine projects. From VHeadline via Michelle:
[N]ew documents obtained by have all been censored by the US government despite the use of the FOIA, which is intended to ensure transparency in US government operations.

The Department of State has withheld the names of the organizations receiving financing from USAID by misapplying a FOIA exemption that is intended to protect “personnel and medical files” of individuals.

Such clear censorship indicates that USAID and the US government clearly have something to hide regarding their collaborations with the Venezuelan opposition.