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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another mark of the beast?

Sorry, this rapture index crap has gotten into my head. But this story about a Cleveland Indians pitcher getting shot in the leg on the team bus as it was going from the KC Royals' stadium to the Kansas City airport would seem to be a sign of the approaching apocalypse. The good news is that rookie Kyle Denney's wound appears to have been superficial. Apparently, the bus was shot from outside--sort of a reverse drive-by shooting. Adding to the strangeness, nobody on the bus called the cops until the bus reached the airport, giving the shooter plenty of time to get away. But the strangest part of all is that Indians' trainers believe that Denney was saved from more serious injury by high white boots, which were part of a USC cheerleader's outfit he was wearing. You know, white pleated skirt and tight sweater. Thank God he was prepared!