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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Always Gotta Mess with Venezuela

From AP:
President Bush on Friday ordered a partial cut in U.S. assistance to Venezuela because of its alleged role in the international trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation.

The action means the United States will not support $250 million in Venezuelan loan requests expected to come before international lending institutions during the next fiscal year, a State Department official said.
I don't recall even the ridiculous opposition in Venezuela, who accused Chavez of "recrucifying Jesus" and other crimes, accusing him of sex trafficking. Of course, the Bush family may have inside information, what with brother Neil being an expert on the international sex trade.

If oil stays above $40 a barrel, I don't think Venezuela will give a flying Cheney about any $250 million loan with all the usual Washington strings attached. Chavez is working to lift millions of women and girls out of poverty and illiteracy, which will do much more to stop the sex trade than bluster from George Bush. Just consider the Bushies' various charges against Chavez to be in the same league as their charges against Saddam Hussein--lies, lies, and more lies.