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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Worst President Ever

Bob Harris over at This Modern World rips on aWol for his endless manipulation of terror alerts to distract and befuddle the public.
So... Bush and company have manipulated the war on terror. Again.

Not for our safety. For their own political gain, using fear to manipulate the vote, at an untold cost in law-enforcement response, productivity in the affected cities, and the actual defense of this nation, which seems frighteningly incidental to the enormous dumbshow we're being served.

Of course, this same crew sold us the Iraq war on the basis of wild exaggerations, instead of fighting Al-Qaeda full-force. We can't pretend to be surprised.

Bush does not deserve one more minute in the White House.

He deserves scorn. Shame. Contempt. And with any luck, impending unemployment.
Harris also cites a recent poll showing that only 32 percent of undecided voters approve of Bush’s job in office. Hey Senator Kerry! Doesn't that suggest that maybe you should take positions that are actually different from Bush's?