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Friday, August 06, 2004

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Bob Harris tries to light a fire under the media about the connections between America-hating freakoid Sun Yung Moon and our first family of crime:
So how big of a news topic would it be if a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States had the president's father on his payroll? Apparently, none.

And how big of a scandal would it be if Jane's Defense Weekly reported this week that the nuclear missile technology this bug-brained maniac sold to North Korea potentially poses a grave security risk to the United States -- all while the White House seems to have simply looked the other way?

Our friends over at FAIR think it's a big deal. In an email just now, one of their higher-ups compared it to Iran-Contra. But if you think about it, that didn't result in the creation of a direct menace to the United States. This is arguably much, much bigger.

In short: convicted felon with a declared hatred of the United States buys widespread influence, then sells nuclear technology to another avowed enemy, endangering the United States, while the president acts like there's no problem.

In a sane world, the impending scandal would discredit the entire Bush crime family for good.
No matter how they cut the cake, you ain't gettin' any.