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Thursday, August 12, 2004

They'll be dancing in the streets of Baghdad

Once they hear that Iraq upset Portugal 4-2 in men's soccer in the Olympics today. After the power comes on and before the curfew or the firefight, that is.

Men's soccer in this Olympics is for under-23 teams, so Portugal doesn't have the same team that was runner-up in Euro 2004. But how in the world did Iraq put together a winning team of U-23's who were born during the Iran-Iraq war and survived Saddam's repression, two brutal American-led wars, and twelve years of sanctions?

Congrats, I guess, go to the US Women's team after their 3-0 win over host Greece yesterday. I say "I guess" because the Greek team seemed to be mostly American college girls with Greek grandmothers, all of whom (the players, not the grandmothers) would probably have jumped at the opportunity to be on the US team if they were good enough. One has to wonder how Mia and the gang are going to beat Germany, which crushed China (a much better team than Greece) 8-0 yesterday.