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Monday, August 02, 2004

Read this, Kerry

This op-ed from the Guardian shows how Iraq now is very much like Vietnam in the early 1960's: A US-backed puppet regime is maintained in power by massive military strength, opposed by the overwhelming majority of the population. Bloody and lengthy civil war is the only possibility until the "coalition" faces the facts and gets the Cheney out:
It is the US-led presence itself which is dividing Iraqis now. The US is deepening a split between a minority for and an overwhelming majority against the US-led forces. The immediate withdrawal of the US-led forces from Iraq is the only way to stop the impending "civil" war, in which the US will back a "sovereign" Iraqi government to crush the people and their aspirations for liberation and democracy.
John Kerry has a choice when he takes office: He can be like Eisenhower and immediately take steps to stop a senseless war, or he can be like Nixon and extend his predecessor's criminal enterprise for years, at the cost of tens of thousands or even millions of lives. Everything Kerry has said so far suggests that he's a Nixon man.