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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Members of the Club

Here's the explanation for why the Abu Ghraib isn't calling for Rumsfailed's resignation, even though, "in tracing responsibility for what went wrong at Abu Ghraib, it drew a line that extended to the defense secretary's office."
"If the head of a department had to resign every time someone below him did something wrong, it'd be a very empty cabinet table," said Harold Brown, defense secretary under President Jimmy Carter and a panel member.
--NY Times

Half of the panel, Brown and James R. Schlesinger, are former defense secretaries. They will not blame one of their own. And while Brown is right as far as it goes--with over a million people working for him, Rummy is bound to have a few bad apples. But that's not what this was. This was systematic, both encouraged and covered up by Rumsfailed, and even his "superiors." America would be better served right now by a completely empty cabinet table--including the joker supposedly in charge.