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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Like a child turning on her parent

The World Trade Organization has ruled against the U.S., authorizing the European Union and other leading U.S. trade partners to impose sanctions against the United States in response to antidumping rules.

This is similar to Comical Allawi pretending that he can actually do something in Iraq without US approval. The WTO was created by the US, for the US, and of the US, just like the UN and the IMF and the World Bank, and the US will ignore it whenever it suits its purposes. The best possible outcome here would be for the administration and Congress to fight these sanctions, eventually leading to the complete disintegration of the WTO. Here's yet another paragraph from Chalmers Johnson:
There is no known case in which globalization has led to prosperity in any Third World country, and none of the world's twenty-four reasonably developed capitalist nations, regardless of their ideological explanations, got where they are by following any of the prescriptions contained in globalization doctrine. What globalization has produced, in the words of [Peruvian diplomat Oswaldo de] Rivero, is not NICs (newly industrialized countries) but about 130 NNEs (nonviable national economies) or, even worse, UCEs (ungovernable chaotic entities). There is occasional evidence that this result is precisely what the authors of globalization intended.