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Monday, August 30, 2004

Just to be clear

When Republicans support Ralph Nader, it's low, sleazy, underhanded, and suggests that Ralph is lower than dirt. When Republicans support John Kerry, however, we're supposed to rejoice at what a great candidate Kerry is and throw money at MoveOn.

I get the feeling that a lot more people care about preserving the two-party system than they do about peace or justice. I was disgusted two years ago by MoveOn. First, they waged a great campaign to try and get Congress to oppose the Iraq war. Then, after losing that battle, they continued to raise funds for the scumbags, like Kerry, who had voted for it. And not only that. They didn't even mention the candidates' votes on the fundraising pages. They're still up to the same games. MoveOn is a Democratic Party front group, and is only anti-war when it serves the purposes of the Democrats. The Council for a Livable World. They did the same thing as MoveOn in 2002, and then started the appalling "Anybody but Bush" campaign last November, soliciting donations for whichever Dumocrat came out of the primaries.

CLW states on its web page "The Council for a Livable World is among the nation's preeminent arms control organizations and focuses on halting the spread of weapons of mass destruction, opposing a national missile defense system, cutting Pentagon waste and reducing excessive arms exports. The Council is also a political lobby which endorses political candidates." They fail to mention that the two missions are completely unrelated, since they just delivered $112,000 to a candidate (Kerry) who supports national missile defense and wants to increase the Pentagon budget. Also, by endorsing Bush's war on Iraq, Kerry has just strengthened the message to the rest of the world that the only apparent guarantee against a U.S. attack is to have nuclear weapons. (Check the record: Invaded Iraq? Yes. Invaded Russia? No. Invaded Afghanistan? Yes. Invaded Pakistan? No. Invaded Vietnam? Yes. Invaded China? No. Invaded Haiti? Yes. Invaded France? No. Attacked Yugoslavia, Libya, Sudan, Grenada? Yes. Attacked Britain, North Korea, Israel, India? No. Bush-Kerry policies are the driving force behind nuclear proliferation.)

I'm guessing that these MoveOn ads are more of a sign that Kerry has become a Republican than that these Republicans have changed their minds any.