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Monday, August 23, 2004

Insult Bush Contest

While the best that John Kerry can seem to come up with is that Bush doesn't talk to the French or something, others around the world have been coming up with some superb insults of our idiot-in-chief. Here are the nominees:
  • Professor Juan Cole: "What was Bush doing with his youth? He was drinking. He was drinking like a fish, every night, into the wee hours. For decades. He gave no service to anyone, risked nothing, and did not even slack off efficiently."
  • The Iraqi Olympic Soccer Midfielder Ahmed Manajid: "How will he meet his god having slaughtered so many men and women?" Manajid told me. "He has committed so many crimes."
  • Recent entrant North Korea: [Bush is] "an idiot, an ignorant, a tyrant and a man-killer."
  • Lifetime achievement nominees include Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and fellow blogger Michelle.