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Monday, August 02, 2004

A Four-Year Tour (Four-Year Tour)

Eli noted this quote from a Kerry rally: "I think it's time we had a Skipper in charge, instead of a Gilligan."

Betraying both my age and my former TV viewing habits, I left this comment:
The Skipper left way too many important jobs up to Gilligan, and they were all stuck on the island for way too many episodes because of it. Go ahead, little buddy--start a war if you want!

We know things are bad when Gilligan's Island holds lessons for American politics. Maybe I'll just ignore what's going on and go hit on Mary Ann. Because we all know the Howells control everything anyway.
(Warning: I feel a take-off on the Gilligan's Island theme song brewing in my head. You may want to approach this blog carefully for the next day or two.)