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Friday, July 16, 2004


I watched the documentary Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War yesterday. Not as entertaining as "Fahrenheit 911," but a pretty thorough case is made. If you've been following this blog or similar sources, there's not much new there, but it is presented fairly coherently. It is mostly film clips of various Bush administration officials lying interspersed with explanations about how they are lying. The explanations come from former CIA agents, weapons inspectors, administration officials and others--Scott Ritter, Joseph Wilson, Ray McGovern, Karen Kwiatowski, Rand Beers, Hans Blix, John Dean, and several more.

If you're in the Ann Arbor area and have Comcast Cable, "Uncovered" will be shown on community access channel 17 at the following times:

July - 7/15 3 pm, 7/18 10 pm, 7/31 4 pm

August - 8/3 10 am, 8/13 11 pm, 8/18 3 pm, 8/30 9 pm

September - 9/2 12 noon, 9/15 11 am, 9/26 10 pm

October - 10/6 6 pm, 10/15 3 pm, 10/20 8 pm, 10/25 5 pm, 10/30 5:05 pm

November - 11/1 9 pm

Probably just a coincidence, but yesterday's showing was immediately preceded by a commercial for the Michigan Republican Party.