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Monday, July 12, 2004

Time to Exterminate the Exterminator

DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated. If you're thinking that there couldn't possibly be politicians more vile and corrupt than Bush and Cheney, then you are not familiar with Tom DeLay (R-Hades). I can't remember which book it was that I read a couple of years ago which had a whole chapter on DeLay: his near total control over campaign financing for Repugs running for Congress, his sweatshop operations in the Marianas, and other scandals (Stupid White Men maybe? Or Trust Us, We're Experts? If anyone knows the book I'm talking about, please e-mail me.)

And if you have any doubt about the connections between the Hammer and Enron, just remember that in French or Spanish, "DeLay" means "of Lay." (Hey, that's better evidence than anything Bush had about Saddam's WMD's!)