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Friday, July 09, 2004

The Third Intifada

Iraqis in Sadr City are now throwing rocks at American troops. The troops are throwing rocks back:
Preparing for a morning patrol, Sgt. Adam Brantley surveyed his perch in the gunner's nest of an armored Humvee. In front of him was a machine gun mounted on a swivel. His M-4 rifle lay on the roof next to it.

Brantley stepped down and stooped in the dust, searching for rocks the size of baseballs. He collected a few handfuls and piled them next to his rifle. His convoy pulled into the smoky streets of Sadr City.

"I don't throw unless thrown upon," said Brantley, 24, who would have cause to do so in the next few hours as rocks thrown from side streets banged against the Humvee.
Get a clue, people. The Iraqis don't want you there. We don't want you there. Only a few numbskulls in Washington and the flag-waving putriots want you to stay there getting blown up, shot at, and thrown at.