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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Suggestion for a Nader-Kerry compromise

Friend Jerri asked me what I thought about Kucinich's capitulation to the Democratic (read Kerry) platform. In my response, I came up with an idea that might help both address the issues and bridge the gap. Here's what I said:
I know. Just one more thing to be depressed about. If you read Kucinich's interview with Amy Goodman, you'd see that he's depressed about it, too. But Dennis is officially a Democrat; I'm not. For details of my reacton to Dennis' capitulation, see my blog entry here.

I wonder if Kerry might support Nader being in the debates if Nader dropped his candidacy. Given Nader's chances, I would support that. Kerry could point out that since Republicans have been so excited about getting Nader on the ballot, they certainly should have no objections to him being in the debates! Maybe let him moderate one or more of the debates.