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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Russian to their doom

Win-win for aWol and Pooty-Poot. Lose-lose-lose for American and Russian soldiers and Iraq. From Pravda:
Moscow and Washington conduct negotiation to dispatch up to 40,000 Russian military men to Iraq in return to economic concessions. The Bush's administration addressed to the Russian government with a proposal to dispatch Russian military men to Iraq or Afghanistan, the US analytical information agency Stratfor reported with reference to Russian sources. It reportedly goes about 40,000 military men, including three infantry divisions and an airborne brigade.

The agency's sources close to the Russian Security Council said, President Putin "theoretically agreed" to meet the White House's wishes. It was said Putin ordered the General Headquarters to develop the plan of the operation by the end of July. Supposedly, Russian military units will be deployed on the entire territory of the country.

However, Washington would prefer to concentrate Russian troops in the area of the so-called 'Sunnite triangle,' where anti-American sentiments are exercised most. Russian soldiers will have to restrain the Iraqi resistance to give Americans more liberties to solve strategic goals in the region.

Moscow counts for certain concessions in return. Putin ordered the Ministry for Industry and Energy to prepare the list of counterclaims. The list will particularly include Washington's agreement for Russian companies to return to Iraq. In addition, Moscow would like Washington to turn down objections against Russia's membership in the WTO.
"Give Americans more liberties to solve strategic goals in the region." Hmmm...with Pooty's 40,000 and Kerry's 40,000, they'll have "liberties" to invade another country or two.

Imagine the reaction twenty years ago if Pravda had reported that 40,000 Russian soldiers might be heading to Iraq. Now Bush is begging, and may let Russia into the WTO resource-and-labor-looting club to get them there.