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Friday, July 16, 2004

Right on the ball

From an AP story:
The Associated Press asked a federal judge Friday to order the Pentagon to quickly turn over a full copy of President Bush's military service record.
Well, good for them.
AP first sought the Texas records in March, and sued the Pentagon in April over the allegedly slow response.
The Pentagon should definitely get its five sides moving on this one, for sure. But how about AP and the rest of the media? George H. W. Bush was head of the CIA back in the '70's, became Vice President in 1981 and President in 1989. George W. Bush worked for some of his campaigns, and even being the son or daughter of a candidate has often led to press investigations (I remember some questions about whether Gerald Ford's son had used marijuana, for example). W ran and was elected governor of Texas in 1994 and 1998, and ran for and was appointed president in 2000. So the AP finally asks the Pentagon for his military records in March 2004, and tells the Pentagon to step on it, finally deciding, as the article says, that "The public has an intense and legitimate interest in knowing the facts concerning the president's military service. Reviewing the microfilm copy of the personnel file at the Texas Records center could well answer the questions that have been raised?"

At least it fits into my personal conspiracy theory--that the powers that be (such as AP) protected Bush as much as possible until about the time that an acceptable alternative, Kerry, was put in place. Since then, we've seen Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, Abu Ghraib, the Senate Intelligence Committee, great reviews of "F-911" (even on Fox News) and now the AP deciding that the public has an "intense" interest in a decades-old story. I think that the powers that be may have decided that Bush has been so reckless and stupid in promoting the American imperial agenda that he has actually become a threat to it. They'll continue to manipulate the news to keep the election close (and let the Repugs keep hold of Congress) just in case the old liberal anti-war Kerry gets any crazy ideas about actually changing anything. They pulled Clinton's strings for eight years to keep him inline--NAFTA, welfare "reform," massive military budgets, continuing attacks on Iraq--and they feel confident that they can do the same with Kerry.