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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Reagans Against Bush

Nancy supports stem-cell research. Son Ron will speak at the Democratic convention. And here's what the Gipper's daughter Patti Davis has to say:
Whatís important is, when [Michael Moore] stood in the kitchen with a mother from Flint, Mich., whose son had just been sent to Iraq and he agreed with her that America is a great country, I believed him. I think a lot of people did. I think my friend would too, if she ever sees the movie. Thatís what I mean about his love for Americaóit comes through even if you donít like his style.

President Bush, on the other hand, says that he loves this country and, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I assume he does love his conceptualized idea of America. But I donít think he loves usóthe people who make up this land. The huddled masses. The millions of citizens who just want a peaceful, safe life. Those who want to put their kids through school and see them grow up; who want to take vacations to other countries without fearing for their lives because so much of the world hates us.

I donít think you lie to people you love. I donít think you send them off into dangerous situations on the basis of murky, cobbled-together information that isnít really information at all. I donít think you keep them scared all the time. I donít think you respond to horrors like public beheadings with cowboy slogans that sound like they came from old John Wayne movies [or Ronald Reagan movies? - ed; sorry Patti]. And I think if someone masterminds an attack on people you love and murders thousands of them, you go after that person until you find him.
Of course, son Michael Reagan is a right-wing blowhard who probably thinks Dad was a wimp, and the late daughter Maureen was also an ardent Repug, although who knows what she might have had to say about Bush now.