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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Random thoughts on my previous Iran post

  • Since some have suggested that the killing of 5000 by chemical weapons in Halabja may have been the doing of Iran and not Iraq, is it possible that the victims of a war between two countries, both being supplied by the US, could be used as reasons for the US starting wars with both of those countries?
  • Do the Ayatollahs still have Ollie North's phone number? If Iran puts up a good fight using some new American-made weaponry, imagine the war profit potential! It's what Republicans call "win-win."
  • If you're not scared enough yet, how about this: The Sunday Times reports that Israel is prepared to bomb Iranís Bushehr nuclear power station if Russia goes ahead with plans to supply it with fuel. Can you say "World War III?"
  • I think maybe the neocons are fully aware that the world is pretty much at peak oil time, meaning that there will be less oil available from now on. But rather than coming to the conclusion that Richard Heinberg (author of The Party's Over) and I have come to--that we need to conserve big time, starting last year--the neonuts have decided that they're going to do everything they can to ensure that their children can live excessive, wasteful SUV lives. The 5.8 or so billion non-Americans and the environment are completely expendable for this purpose. And the grandkids are on their own.