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Monday, July 12, 2004

One of the Known Knowns...

...Is that Donald Rumsfeld is a total hypocrite. Steve Weissman compares the Rummy of March 2003 with the Rummy of today:
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was appearing on NBC's Meet the Press, when host Tim Russert told him that the Iraqis had announced the capture and would soon show their American POWs. Secretary Rumsfeld responded without missing a beat.

"You know," he said, "under the Geneva Convention, it's illegal to do things with prisoners of war that are humiliating to those individuals."
All that week, Pentagon officials continued to cite the Geneva Conventions, and Rumsfeld drove them home again with an explicit message to Iraqi government officials.

"The coalition POWs that you are holding must be treated according to the Geneva Conventions," he warned. "And any Iraqi officials involved in their mistreatment, humiliation or execution will pay a severe price."
Why do they hate us? Because we make the rules and then break them at will.