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Thursday, July 29, 2004

New Poll Shows Chavez Will Win in Recall

Caracas, Venezuela, July 27 ( A new poll of Venezuelan voters finds that, if the election were held today, the recall referendum on President Hugo Chavez would fail.

The survey shows the referendum losing by eight percentage points, with forty one percent (41%) of all voters in favor of recalling President Chavez and forty nine percent (49%) opposed to recalling the President.

Among likely voters -- those who tell interviewers that they are certain to vote -- the prospects for recall proponents are even worse, with forty three percent (43%) favoring the recall and fifty one percent (51%) opposing it. Even if the pro-recall base turned out ten percent higher than the anti-recall base, the no vote would still prevail with fifty one percent (51%) of the vote.
And even if a plurality or even a majority of voters vote to recall Chavez, they would still have to exceed the 3.76 million votes by which he was elected for him to actually be recalled, according to the Bolivarian Constitution of 1999.