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Friday, July 30, 2004

More on the morons at CNN

Several articles this morning mention what I described at the end of my previous post (below) about CNN putting the convention director's instructions on the air, but only one I've found so far even hints that it was inappropriate for CNN to do so:
Mischer's stage instructions were available to all major media -- for their guidance, not for broadcast. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer apologized to the audience "if you heard a bad word."
An old habit dating back to Gulf War I, I guess--when I want to watch a news event I turn on CNN. But jeez, they are awful!! They've got that stupid crawl going along the bottom all the time, and Wolf, Judy and Jeff seemed to be in serious competition as to who could make the most inane and trivial comments. Never a word about whether something a speaker said was accurate--only crap about how the message would play to certain voters, and even dumber stuff than that. And it's hard to imagine anything they could have done to pop Kerry's balloon, so to speak, than to put the Cheney-esque balloon guy on open mike for several minutes right after the speech.