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Friday, July 30, 2004

Let Me Decide, Google

As I was writing my previous post, I wanted to find articles about CNN going open-mike on the balloon guy last night. I went to Google News and entered "CNN balloons" in the search box. Google immediately changed it to "source:CNN balloons," and only came up with three articles, all on the CNN web site, and none about last night. I didn't expect CNN to post a big article about their at-best stupidity--I wanted articles from other sources about CNN's coverage of the balloons. I tried switching to "balloons CNN," but Google still treated CNN as a source, not a topic. I finally settled for "balloons convention," which got me quite a few articles about the incident, but several irrelevant articles as well.

How do I find articles using Google News that are ABOUT CNN (or FoxNews or ABC or the New York Times or whatever)? I just tried the advanced search, but it does the same thing. Well, I did find one solution--Yahoo! They give the results I wanted.