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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Least-Worst Choice

I had a feeling, supported by all the press reports, that John Kerry wouldn't choose an actual anti-war VP candidate to balance that absurd part of his platform. Kucinich, of course not. Kerry, in conjunction with mainstream Democrats and with the help of all major media did everything they could to make sure that Dennis' messages on peace, health care, and fair trade were completely ignored. Even more conventional Democrats who opposed the war--Dean, Graham, Clark--weren't given much of a chance. Can't have anyone out there campaigning who was right on the most important issue of the campaign when Kerry was (and is) wrong.

Given that Kerry was going to choose a pro-war candidate, I must say I'm thrilled with his choice of John Edwards. Of all the candidates in the debates, Edwards generally came across as the most impressive--especially intelligent and nice. He actually answered some questions. He also seems to actually understand the endless corporate search for cheap labor and why it's necessary to stop it. And even Kucinich likes Edwards, even though they disagree on some very important issues.

Edwards also, pretty obviously to me, gives Kerry the best chance to win. People will flock to hear him speak, while they'd be running away from having to listen to Dick Gephardt. And if Kerry wins, this automatically puts Edwards at the head of the list for 2012, where his charm will give him a huge head start over Jeb or Frist or whatever scumbag what's left of the Repuglican party tries to run then (assuming the Dems can fend off four more years of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh etc.).

Now if the two Johns could just trade places, I could almost suppress my disgust with the Democratic platform and support them. (Yeah, I'll probably end up voting for them, but...yecch!)