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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry is a Sleazebag

I try to like the guy, reconcile myself to him being our next president, an improvement over the current usurper. But then he goes attacking Venezuela's president just to curry favor with a few slimy rich Cubans in Miami:
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is sharpening his criticism of Hugo Chavez, suggesting the Venezuelan president risks becoming an "outlaw" if he doesn't ensure that next month's recall referendum on his presidency is conducted fairly.

The comments come as Kerry attempts to portray himself as "deeply involved" with Latin America, at the same time accusing the White House of failing to promote democratic reform in Venezuela and elsewhere.

Strategists have suggested the Chavez critique can help Kerry curry support among Cuban-American voters in Florida, who view Chavez as an ally of Fidel Castro. Democrats believe they have an opportunity this year to peel off some reliably Republican Cuban-American voters incensed by the president's recent crackdown on travel and aid to Cuba.

In a televised interview that will air Wednesday in 19 Latin America countries, Kerry called the upcoming referendum in Venezuela "a real challenge to the entire hemisphere" and said that "as president," he would "work with the international community to bring pressure in the interest of democracy.

"Global transparency, accountability of government, democracy, I think is critical everywhere, but particularly to our hemisphere," Kerry said in the interview with Herald columnist Andres Oppenheimer for the TV program Oppenheimer Presenta. "If Chavez does not respect that process, then he makes himself an outlaw with respect to those values and those interests."
It's pretty clear by now that the only way that Chavez can prove his commitment to democracy to the likes of Kerry and Bush is by losing the August referendum, which he is currently favored to win. And don't forget that Kerry was one of the 100 non-black senators who refused to support a challenge to the disenfranchisement of thousands of black voters in Florida in 2000 (as shown in F-911). He's the one who voted for giving the usurper the power to go to war, a power which the Constitution says should remain in the hands of Congress, and he did so against the wishes of a majority of his constituents. He's the one who shamelessly accepted the manipulations of the media which made him the Democratic nominee--ignore Kucinich, belittle Edwards, lynch Dean ("Yeah!!!!"). Chavez has empowered millions who felt powerless just ten years ago. Kerry is doing the exact opposite, yet he has the chutzpah to accuse Chavez of being undemocratic.

What a horrible, horrible choice. At this point, I believe that Kerry would promise to nominate John Ashcroft to the Supreme Court if his pollsters told him it would gain him a few percentage points in some swing states. The man has no discernible principles that he wouldn't sell out for a few votes.