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Thursday, July 15, 2004

It's Dump on the CIA Week!

Rarely have so many dumped so much on so many who are so guilty, and today the Washington Post editorial board joins the crowd stomping on Langley. This time, it's about the CIA's own prisoner scandal, where alleged terrorists have disappeared without rights or contacts, for years in some cases. The Post does a good job of pointing out what is wrong with all of this, and suggests that "Congress, or the courts, must step in to correct what appears to be a systematic violation of international law -- and fundamental American values."

No argument there. Just don't forget that the CIA's money is approved by Congress, and their orders generally come from the White House. The CIA is guilty of numerous crimes over the past half century or more, with perhaps millions of deaths on its hands. But if the press and the public lets Bush and Congress off the hook by changing the agency's name to CYA, it will be just one more hideous crime.

[update: I originally meant "half century or more" but typed "half decade or more." Which wasn't wrong, mind you! The non-error has now been corrected.]