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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Israeli Interrogators in Iraq

Jane's is confirming what General Karpinski was saying recently--that the U.S. was using Israeli's to interrogate captured Iraqis.

One has to think that enraging Iraqis is one of the main GOALS of the brutality and humiliation being used in the occupation. Actually getting information seems to be far down the list. While information in more competent and well-intentioned hands might actually be useful in reducing the level of violence in Iraq, the methods being employed seem not only to incite more violence, but would seem to be their purpose. Just as Israel uses the suicide bombings to justify their continuing subjugation and humiliation of Palestinians (which of course is what leads to the bombings), the U.S. is using the "insurgent" attacks to justify the continued occupation of a supposedly "sovereign" country. As long as they figure out how to get the oil out, they don't care how many Iraqis are killed or humiliated--those deaths and humiliations seem to be serving their purpose, which is to stay.