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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gotta Take All Factors Into Account

From Boondocks.

From Doonesbury.

I'm guessing that Cheney will debate Edwards right after he releases the energy task force documents, which will be shortly after Bush admits he was wrong to invade Iraq, which will be long after hell freezes over. In a Bush-Kerry debate, most people will have a lot of trouble figuring out what either of them is saying, and probably just hear what they want to hear. Cheney-Edwards, on the other hand, would be a rematch of the Devil and Daniel Webster. Edwards managed to shine against his much less scary opponents in the Democratic debates last year. The contrast with the Veep from the Deep would be huge, even if neither one said anything substantive (which is very likely, of course). There's already talk of the Repugs dumping Cheney; if Useless Dick insists on debating Edwards, you can be sure that Karl Rove will insist on dumping him.