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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Dream On

The CIA's man in Baghdad, Iyad Allawi, "called on Muslim nations Thursday to join a proposed force of Islamic troops in Iraq which the United States said might help protect the United Nations." (Reuters)

Actually, it seems likely that eventually some Muslim nations will get involved--but not on the US-Allawi side. The occupation is a disaster headed for a catastrophe, or maybe the other way around. Any leader of a Muslim nation who sends troops to support it would have to be considered a "suicider."

Reuters at least provides some realism to Allawi's acid trip:
Analysts said the proposal has little chance of success given that Arab and Muslim leaders, facing public opposition over pro-U.S. policies, have declined so far fearing unrest and that their troops would be dragged into Iraq's quagmire.
Reuters, while not mentioning any unmentionable motives for last year's invasion (oil, imperialism), no longer gives credence to any good motives (eliminate WMD's, humanitarian concerns), and blandly points out the lack of planning on the part of the Bushies. From the article:
The United States invaded Iraq last year to topple former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and it now has about 140,000 troops battling a deadly insurgency it did not anticipate.
On a brighter note, postal service in Iraq is apparently improving. Good thing there wasn't any anthrax there, huh?