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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Did they actually listen to someone?

Bob Harris posted this on Tom Tomorrow's web site, and it seems pretty interesting. In the June 25 editon of Ask the White House, featuring the Wolfman, there was the following exchange (typos and spelling errors included):
jon, from huntington beach, ca writes:
I realize that Iraq is in control of a great deal of the government but why dont you catch the insurgents off-guard and turn full control over to Iraq now. What difference does a few days make? I have the feeling that they are planning some big attack on the 30th. Remove the significance of June 30th.

Let the Iraq deel with the insurgents starting right now.

Paul Wolfowitz
Thatís an interesting idea. The terrorists work by surprising us and we need to think about what we can do to throw them off balance.
And, as we know, the little blue notebook of sovereignty was handed over on June 28 in a secret ceremony, removing the significance of June 30 (as if there were any significance to begin with). Condoloser Rice was scheduled to be on Ask the White House yesterday, but apparently June 30 lost all of its significance and they haven't posted the transcript of that session.