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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Be Afwaid! Be Vewwy Afwaid!

Ridge Warns of 'Large-Scale Attack' Plan
There's no indication in the article that Gestapo Commandant Ridge has bothered to answer the questions raised by voting commission chairman DeForest B. Soaries about what will happen if a terror attack occurs very close to the election. Soaries suggested that there should be guidelines for whether the election would be postponed in such a case. I think he's right, and those guidelines need to be debated and decided on well before election day. That Ridge and Condiloser Rice hadn't responded to Soaries, and apparently haven't yet, suggests that the administration wants to have the flexibility to decide the matter in their own favor when the time comes. They kept the voting on the Medicare scam bill open for three hours, as opposed to the normal 15 minutes in the House, so they could twist enough arms and offer enough bribes and threats to change the vote. Who's to say they won't decide to keep the polls open another day or two if the early returns show a Kerry victory? They need guidelines, and they need to be public.