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Friday, July 23, 2004

Art Fair!

Once again, Ann Arbor has been taken over by the art fairs, four of them, I think, extending all the way from Main Street to the eastern part of the main campus. I spent a couple of hours down there last night, and about four hours today. While I looked at a lot of the art, much of it really good stuff, I spent the majority of my time in the non-profit area along Liberty Street (appropriately enough). I was collecting petition signatures to have instant runoff voting (IRV) placed on the November ballot here in Ann Arbor. I went from booth to booth, ACLU to Amnesty International to Democracy for America to NOW to Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace to Veterans for Peace to Sierra Club to Libertarians to Department of Peace, and probably a few others. People working booths like to sign petitions! It is amazing how few people, even activists, have ever heard of IRV. Almost everybody loves it once they understand it.

I also had lots of interesting discussions about the war, Kerry, and politics in general. Out in the artists area, I came across the booth of Steve Shephard of Gautier, Mississippi. His art is delightfully partisan, as you can see below:


Click on each of these items to goto larger view.
If you're in the area and going to the fair tomorrow, Steve's booth is located on Washington Street right in front of the Rackham Building. He and his wife will be delighted to talk politics with you!