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Thursday, July 08, 2004


I wonder if Hitler had it this good:
A worker with the Federal Emergency Management Agency who wore an anti-Bush T-shirt at the president’s July Fourth rally in Charleston has been sent home to Texas.

Nicole Rank, who was working for FEMA in West Virginia, and her husband, Jeff, were removed from the Capitol grounds in handcuffs shortly before Bush’s speech. The pair wore T-shirts with the message “Love America, Hate Bush.”

The Ranks were ticketed for trespassing and released. They have been given summonses to appear in court, Charleston Police Lt. C.A. Vincent said Wednesday.
The White House coordinated the president’s visit to the state Capitol. Organizers described it as a presidential visit, not a political rally. State and federal funds were used to pay for the presidential visit.

Dozens of people who attended Sunday’s event wore pro-Bush T-shirts and Bush-Cheney campaign buttons, some of which were sold on the Capitol grounds outside the security screening stations.
Since Bush doesn't read the papers and probably has never seen a protester because of crap like this, I wonder if he actually believes that he is a popular president?

[Update 12:32 PM] A commenter on Atrios linked to this article:
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A couple from Texas was taken out of a speech given by President Bush in West Virginia Sunday.

Police placed Nicole and Jeffery Rank of Corpus Christi in restraints after they entered the event with a ticket and then removed their clothes to reveal anti-Bush T-shirts, according to the acting director of the Capitol police in Charleston.

He said the two were asked to go out to the designated protest area, but refused.

Bush came to West Virginia on the nation's 228th birthday to honor the country's veterans and garner support for invading Iraq.

About 6,500 people packed into the Capitol's north courtyard to hear him.

As police rushed her out, Nicole Rank shouted that they were told they couldn't be there because they were wearing anti-Bush shirts.

Police say the two were issued citations for trespassing and released.
The previous article wasn't clear about where they had tickets (they did) and whether they were inside or out of the area where tickets were required (inside). This makes it clear that they were arrested SOLELY because of their T-shirts. Friggin' Fascist Bushies!

Nicole Rank for President!!!