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Thursday, June 10, 2004

WMD's Found! To Be Destroyed!

In Indiana, that is. I ranted about American WMD's months ago.
After years of controversy, workers will begin chemically neutralizing 1,269 tons of the ultra-deadly nerve agent VX this summer as part of a plan to eliminate the nation's chemical weapons stockpile.

Residents near the Newport Chemical Depot are ready to see the VX go. So are activists who keep tabs on the nation's cache of weapons of mass destruction.

"One drop the size of George Washington's eye on a quarter is enough to kill a healthy, 180-pound male. It's the most lethal chemical on the planet," said Craig Williams, director of the Chemical Weapons Working Group, a Kentucky-based watchdog organization.

The neutralization process will create thousands of gallons of less-toxic material (similar to liquid drain cleaner, according to the article), and of course no one wants that crap spilled in their back yard (I know I don't!).