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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Update From Venezuela

Antonio, one of the guides on the Global Exchange tour that I went on in April, sent the following:
By the way, looks like the opposition is not going to make it...we are expecting something desperate from them and the Bush administration. Hope everything is going to be fine..but imagine their disappointment when realizing they don't have the signatures for calling the referendum.
I haven't seen any official news reports on the results of the past weekend's "repair" process on the recall petitions, but Antonio is suggesting that there won't be enough signatures to trigger a presidential recall referendum in August.

Fortunately for Venezuela, it looks like the Bushies may be too preoccupied with saving their own skins to meddle too much in Caracas this summer. Besides, they and their shills at the Washington Post and in the Kerry campaign have barely gotten started demonizing Hugo Chavez. I'd guess that 98-99% of Americans wouldn't recognize the name. And I think that without major US meddling, Chavez and Venezuela will survive relatively intact, referendum or not. Which is a good thing!