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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Up Is Down

That's the very essence of the Bush administration. On any issue, there are only two choices for them: conceal or lie. The State Department released a report on April 29 which featured the following:
Among the original report's highlights: The annual number of terrorist attacks had dropped to its lowest level in 34 years, declining by 45% since 2001. Overall, fewer people were being killed, injured and kidnapped, and the U.S.-led global coalition had taken the fight to Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with great success.

Minor terrorism events typically those in which nobody dies had almost disappeared, declining by more than 90% from 231 incidents in 2001 to 21 in 2003, the report said.

The Bushies crowed over the report as evidence that the "war on terror" is working:
"Indeed, you will find in these pages clear evidence that we are prevailing in the fight" against global terrorism, Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage said during a celebratory rollout of the report.
Thing is, the report was wrong:
But on Tuesday, State Department officials said they underreported the number of terrorist attacks in the tally for 2003, and added that they expected to release an updated version soon.

Several U.S. officials and terrorism experts familiar with that revision effort said the new report will show that the number of significant terrorist incidents increased last year, perhaps to its highest level in 20 years.

"It will change the numbers," said one State Department official who declined to comment further or be identified by name. "The incidents will go up, but I don't know by how many."
Daily Kos asks
So will Armitage call a new press conference to announce that "you will find in these pages clear evidence that we are losing the fight" against global terrorism?
Heck, these clowns have opened a gigantic al Qaeda recruitment center in Iraq.