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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Say No to GMO's!

Mendocino County in California banned genetically-engineered crops back in March. Butte County, also in California, now has enough petition signatures to put a similar measure on the ballot in November.

Campaigns to block GMO's are growing up across the country and around the world. Read what the Biodemocracy Alliance has to say, and maybe make a donation!

GMO defenders (mainly Monsanto and their bought-off politicians) usually try to frame the argument in terms of whether GMO's are safe to eat. Given that most of us have already been eating them for years, there seems to be a reasonable possibility that most GMO's are not directly bad for you when eaten. But the much more serious issue AND threat to your health comes from the threat to biodiversity. By introducing crops with decidedly un-natural selection advantages into an ecosystem, the GMO growers are threatening the native plants in the region, and the animals which live off of them. GMO's may or may not harm you if you eat them, but they are a serious threat to life on earth. And that includes you!