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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Reagan: Screwing Workers from Beyond the Grave

LABOR STAFFERS PAY FOR THEIR FORCED HOLIDAY: Guest Services, Inc., the company which operates the cafeteria for the House of Representatives, refused to pay its employees for the recent mandatory federal holiday to commemorate Ronald Reagan on June 11. Instead, the contractor is insisting employees take a vacation day or sick leave. Now, Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Max Sandlin (D-TX) are "stepping up the pressure on contractor Guest Services, Inc. to reverse its decision," with a letter signed by many of their colleagues. "This company is using this national day of mourning to extract compensation from its workforce," Kucinich asserted. "This is just a question of fairness. They are the lowest paid workers on Capitol Hill. ... Why should they be punished?"
Way to go, Dennis! That story is from the Progress Report, which also reports that one of the higher-ups in the Gestapo Homeland Security Department failed to report his ties to a money-launderer for terrorists, but kept his job because he's buddies with government assassin Grover Norquist. (That is, Norquist assassinates governments, not that he's an assassin who works for the government. There's still some doubt about that.) Michelle has more on this story.